Fabio Fognini makes a surprising revelation about his future

Fabio Fognini wants to continue playing for a while longer

by Simone Brugnoli
Fabio Fognini makes a surprising revelation about his future
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"For me practically against everyone it is master against student given my age" . It is a concept that Fabio Fognini repeated often during his time at the Perugia Challenger tournament. The event organized by MEF Tennis Events saw the Ligurian reach the quarterfinals, beating first Enrico Dalla Valle and then Matteo Gigante.

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Interrupting his path at the Internazionali di Tennis Città di Perugia was Luciano Darderi, who is having an incredible season. Precisely citing the master-pupil comparison, Fognini showed off his new look by sporting an intense platinum blond in the photo taken in the company of Flavio Cobolli.

Fabio Fognini is still hungry

During his stay in Perugia, Fabio Fognini explained - through the social channels of MEF Tennis Events and in the words collected by the newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport - that he now has other priorities in life, but that tennis remains his passion.

A passion that he will continue to cultivate as long as he has fun on the playing field. "I'm happy, obviously happy for the tennis that I'm expressing. The crowd here is really warm. For me, practically against everyone it's master against student given my age.

I'm here because I still want to play and my goal is the main draw of the US Open. Times have changed, I have other priorities, but I continue to have fun and as long as it's like that I'll continue".


If in singles he took the satisfaction of the most prestigious title of his career by winning in the Principality, in doubles he went even higher by winning the Australian Open in 2015 as a partner with Simone Bolelli. "I have always enjoyed doubles," Fognini said, "I love team sports, soccer is my favorite sport.

Sometimes playing with your partner, with your friend next to you can relax you. I like to play with people I have feeling with. In recent years I have left it out to focus more on the individual but now that I see my career from another point of view, from another perspective, I want to come back and play it.

Besides, it's always good for you, winning helps you win" . Over the years, the press has been particularly vocal about his fuming behavior on the court, going so far as to call him "irascible" because of his reactions, "I'm used to it now, honestly at 34 I don't pay attention to it anymore.”

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