Ex-Slam champion indicates Jannik Sinner as the favorite at Wimbledon

A former Roland Garros winner has revealed how the young Italian has the tennis to win on grass-courts

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ex-Slam champion indicates Jannik Sinner as the favorite at Wimbledon
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"I feel like saying that Jannik Sinner is the favorite on grass-courts. I'm not saying this to put pressure on him, but because he has skills suited to this surface, he has important timing on the ball."

In an interview for the Italian website Sport Mediaset, the former Italian tennis player Francesca Schiavone explained why her young countryman is the favorite to win the most important titles in the grass-season that has just begun. A swing that will reach its climax in the highly anticipated Wimbledon Championships. Already last year Sinner proved his adaptability to grass-courts, reaching his first Major semi-final on the London lawns of the All England Club.

"Jannik arrived in Paris not ready from a physical and training point of view, but despite this he still reached the semi-final, achieving an extraordinary result. At Wimbledon however, once he returned home, after celebrating with his family the first position in the world, he started working and we have already seen him in some shots on the court. For me he has the game to win Wimbledon, or at least come close to doing so, because he deserves it. he has become an example for everyone, even us old tennis players," explained Francesca.

Jannik Sinner
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Schiavone, former world number 4 and 2010 Roland Garros champion, is now working to shape new stars of the future of tennis. The former Milanese tennis player recently announced the birth of a new project, the Schiavone Team Lab, a laboratory that will start in September in Varese (Northern Italy - ed) and will be responsible for raising the champions of the future, instilling in them the values ​​of sport.

In the same interview with Sport Mediaset, Schiavone talks about the great exploit in the last period of Jasmine Paolini, who came one step away from her dream at Roland Garros, stopped only by the phenomenal Iga Swiatek in the final.

"Jasmine was very good right from the first rounds in Paris because of how well she moved the ball. She had an important growth in believing in herself. It was difficult to think that she could win, facing Swiatek in this state of form, but making a Slam final is extraordinary, and she is even more so than in our times," she said.

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