Jannik Sinner received a wonderful tribute

Sinner has an open series of 18 consecutive wins in the 500 category tournaments

by Simone Brugnoli
Jannik Sinner received a wonderful tribute
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Tennis lives times of change, two young stars already shine in the sky and confirm that the expectations they had about them were entirely right. Jannik Sinner is the player of the moment, the best of the last months and the new number one in the world, a player who shines with his tennis, but who also marvels with his personality, from those players to loq eus you always have to hear to understand his education, values and a humility that generates enormous sympathy and admiration, even in its greatest rivals and colleagues.

Struff and Sinner
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Sinner, who lives his second week at the top of the ATP ranking, received huge praise from three Top players such as Alexander Zverev, Andrey Rublev and Stefanos Tsitsipas. "He’s a good guy. He always has his feet on the ground, and he behaves very differently than a number one in the world, to be honest, because he’s an extremely simple guy.

There is nothing in him that makes you think at first glance of a number one in the world by his way of being. That’s the greatest compliment I can give him, he’s always been himself. We are all very happy for him," said Alexander Zverev about Sinner.

Jannik Sinner is appreciated by all colleagues

Rublev highlighted the human side of Jannik Sinner. "Everyone loves Jannik. I’ve never heard a player say anything that wasn’t nice about Jannik.

Everyone loves him, he is an extraordinary player, incredible, because he is already number one in the world and champion of a Slam tournament. His name is already in the story. I always had a very good relationship with him from the beginning, because we were often confused," explained the Muscovite.

Despite the sporting rivalry, the Greek Tsitsipas also uttered words of admiration towards the Italian. " He’s a very talented boy, but above all a great man, on and off the court.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner© Patrick Smith / Staff Getty Images Sport

He’s one of the nicest people on the circuit, I really admire his great competitiveness. In my opinion, he is a great representative of sport, tennis needs people like him because he is a great example for children and for all the people who work hard.

I’m sure big things are waiting for him and I hope I can face him a little more and test myself against his enormous talent," said Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Jannik Sinner