Boris Becker crowns Rafael Nadal: "He is the best of all time on clay"

The former German tennis player praised the legendary Spaniard in an interview for Eurosport

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Boris Becker crowns Rafael Nadal: "He is the best of all time on clay"
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You can be a legend in many ways in sport, but what Rafael Nadal has done during his career at Roland Garros is extraordinary. Boris Becker also reiterated this in an interview with Eurosport, who shared his point of view on what Rafa managed to achieve in his glorious career.

"Clearly for me there will be no one like Nadal on clay. Nadal is the best of all time on this surface. He has won Roland Garros 14 times. At least for me, there will never be anyone like him," he told, during the interview, praising the Spanish tennis champion.

The legendary German also expressed his opinion on the rivalry between Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner comparing it to that of the Big 3.

"If we compare them with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadalm we have to wait for them to play at least another 15 years. Maybe - only then - we will be able to know who is the best in five years, because new players and rivals for both will also emerged," he explained.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal© Clive Mason / Staff Getty Images Sport

Meanwhile, Nadal did not want to close the door to any possible scenario and, after initially accepting the organizers' plan, took a step back from the ceremony planned at Roland Garros. The Spanish champion is not 100% sure that the match against Alexander Zverev was his last match in Paris (and the same happened in Rome) and saying goodbye to the French Slam without having any certainty would not have been right. Nadal triumphed fourteen times at Roland Garros, signing a record that is even difficult to imagine.

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