Ana Ivanovic believes in Novak Djokovic: "He will win other Slams"

The tennis player spoke about the current state of tennis in an interview with Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ana Ivanovic believes in Novak Djokovic: "He will win other Slams"
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A tennis legend like Ana Ivanovic has managed to break the barriers of tennis thanks to a favorable combination of factors that have made her a global star, even now that she has stopped playing for years. The Serb, at least in my opinion, has not expressed her full potential during her excellent career, but she has managed to centralize the spotlight of fans and media thanks to a combination of good results (such as the unforgettable triumph at Roland Garros 2008) and an overwhelming beauty.

In an interview with Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport, Ana analyzed various topics, talking about her countryman Novak Djokovic, the new ATP No.1 Jannik Sinner and the current state of women's tennis.

"You can never exclude Novak Djokovic from the fight, you know he will always come back fit and competitive to win more Slam tournaments," she said about her legendary countryman, who is going through a period of crisis this year, not least surgery on his meniscus from about three weeks ago.

Novak Djokovic
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Regarding a possible return to tennis, Ana reveals: "Some days I miss it, especially when I see some tennis players competing in Grand Slam tournaments. Now, however, I think that nothing is missing from my life and I must say that I'm fine with it."

"I'm really happy to see Jannik Sinner at number 1 in the world, I love his personality and his way of being on the court and honestly his tennis has no weak points. When he plays he seems very focused and quite composed," she added .

Jannik Sinner
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Ivanovic then praised Jasmine Paolini, recent finalist at Roland Garros, also focusing on women's tennis: "It's never too late to climb to the top, Jasmine is a hard worker and both with her and with others we see that some tennis players can grow in performance during certain phases of one's career. It takes time to produce rivalries, and there is always a generation gap that is created between tennis players. In my time we were lucky and I must say that there were always good and beautiful matches rivalry."

Ana stopped for a few years now and is the face of Haier, a leading household appliance company. Ana is also married to the former German soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger, the two have been linked for a long time now.

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