McEnroe honors Andy Murray and 'urges' Wimbledon to dedicate him a statue

The former American champion talked about the Scottish champion, who is trying to do everything possible to participate in Wimbledon

by Lorenzo Ciotti
McEnroe honors Andy Murray and 'urges' Wimbledon to dedicate him a statue
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"I feel like I deserve the opportunity to go until the last moment to make the decision. It's complicated, and it's even more so because I want to play Wimbledon one last time. For what I've invested in the sport over the last few years, I'd like to at least get out there playing a real match, where I'm at least competitive, not like what happened at Queen's. Playing with Jamie in doubles is obviously something I've never done before that can be special."

With these words shared via the Wimbledon X account, Andy Murray spoke of his desire to be able to play the Championships one last time. The Scot underwent back surgery for a spinal cyst. Forced to retire during the match against Jordan Thompson at the Queen's Club Championships, the British legend had to choose surgery to at least try to get on the court one last time.

Andy Murray
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John McEnroe has already thought about a possible tribute to pay to Murray, by virtue of what he represented for the British people, who had to wait almost a century to see one of their players triumph at the Championships.

"Murray deserves a statue. If I had to make that decision, I would absolutely say yes, because it's a long time of 77 years (the last British man to win Wimbledon was Fred Perry in 1936 -ed.). He absolutely changed the way people look at British tennis. He is one of the greatest players I have ever seen play tennis. It would be deserved and impressive, because two of his three Grand Slam victories have come at Wimbledon, not to mention the medal. gold in London in 2012. So it would make perfect sense," he told.

Murray 1 ATP's hope is to return in time for Wimbledon, which will begin on July 1, but unfortunately it is not a given that he will make it. According to what was reported by the newspaper The Telegraph, Murray is expected to be out of action for at least six weeks, consequently missing both the London Open and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. However, the 3-time Slam champion has not yet given any communication on the matter, so he will have to wait to find out his next commitments.

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