Alexander Zverev reveals why he can win Wimbledon

Alexander Zverev was one of the protagonists of the clay tour

by Simone Brugnoli
Alexander Zverev reveals why he can win Wimbledon
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The awareness of being back at the top and of being able to dream big. Alexander Zverev was one of the protagonists of the clay tour, where he regained confidence by winning in Rome and almost won his first career Grand Slam title, surrendering only to the fifth set in the final of Roland Garros against Carlos Alcaraz.

Alexander Zverev
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The last step to reach the elite and bridge the gap with the top three is to get the first prestigious result in career on grass. And what better occasion than the most prestigious of all? In the press conference ahead of his debut at Wimbledon, the German spoke about his state of shape and expectations ahead of the Championships.

Alexander Zverev wants to impress

The feelings of Alexander Zverev, as he himself said, are very positive. " I feel good, of course, the last tournaments were very positive with the title in Rome. Of course, losing in the final at Roland Garros was disappointing, even though it was a good tournament.

I hope I can prove that in this Wimbledon. I’ve talked to my brother about it, it’s the first time I feel like I’m here to compete, maybe to win the title. In previous years I didn’t feel that way, I didn’t feel capable.

I also think it is the most open Wimbledon tournament of the last 20 years in terms of favorites and potential winners. There are many players who have a good chance of winning the tournament," revealed Sasha, who at Wimbledon never got past the fourth round.

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev © Getty Images Sport - Michael Regan

Zverev continued, "I don’t think anything like this has happened for at least 20 years before Roger started playing. After Roger came Rafa, Novak and Andy. There has always been a very limited number of guys able to compete and win tournaments.

This year I feel different, I can really say I’m one of those guys who will do everything possible. It is a tournament in which I need a little more luck, perhaps more than in other Grand Slams".

The world’s number four then commented on the possibility of eliminating the five sets in slam matches. " Tennis is one of the oldest sports there is. We don’t need new rules, we don’t need to invent things every few years.

It’s a sport everyone likes. The difficulty of winning a Grand Slam is in the matches of five sets, in the physical part, in what you work in the preseason. Winning a Masters 1000 is very important or the ATP Finals, but the most difficult task in our sport is to win a Grand Slam because of the matches in five sets.”

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