Lorenzo Musetti explains the emotions of being at Wimbledon as a dad

The Italian tennis player has regained confidence with his game

by Simone Brugnoli
Lorenzo Musetti explains the emotions of being at Wimbledon as a dad
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The rebirth of Lorenzo Musetti. Seeing Musetti smiling, calm and determined is an image that many Italian fans have been dreaming of for some time. 2023 and the beginning of this year were a real nightmare for the 22-year-old Italian, who seemed to have entered a tunnel from which to exit was very difficult.

Lorenzo Musetti, Roland Garros 2024
Lorenzo Musetti, Roland Garros 2024© Clive Mason / Staff - Getty Images Sport

But Lorenzo humbly rolled up his sleeves, he started over. First some good tests on earth, then a great start to the season on grass have brought back confidence in Musetti, who resumed to smile and express that tennis with which he had delighted at the beginning of his career.

The joy of becoming a father probably also contributed to the sporting results, with the birth of his son Ludovico. A few hours before his debut at Wimbledon, Musetti revealed to Sky Sport his sensations, physical and mental.

The rebirth of Lorenzo Musetti

The thrill of coming to Wimbledon for the first time with your family. "My first thought when I hear the word Wimbledon is the grass, the elegance that conveys this magnificent place.

I am really happy to be here with my family, for the first time together with Ludovico and Veronica. I feel I am at home, and this gives me a sense of tranquility and relaxation in view of the tournament," said Lorenzo Musetti.

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On the two fabulous weeks in Stuttgart and at the Queen’s, Musetti commented: "London has been the city that has transmitted me the most in terms of emotions and results. It was a rather unexpected tournament: I had played very well the week before in Stuttgart, but staying on the grass I think was a good test, especially in a historic tournament like Queen’s.

It was one of the best weeks of my life, so I’m glad I found my tennis again and got good feelings ahead of Wimbledon". The blue tennis player concluded: "I’m adapting very well to the surface.

From the very beginning the transition from land to grass went very well. I think I’ve gained more and more confidence in the grass, especially with service and response, which are two key aspects of playing on this surface.

I feel very good physically, I’m moving well. It’s a good time and I think the things that have made the difference in these weeks have been the attachment and the attitude that I had together with the mental factor, especially on the grass where every point counts ten".

Lorenzo Musetti Wimbledon