Alex De Minaur calls Novak Djokovic a superhuman

The British tennis player praised the 24-time Grand Slam champion, who brilliantly overcame surgery on his meniscus

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alex De Minaur calls Novak Djokovic a superhuman
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Just over 20 days after his knee surgery, Novak Djokovic is ready to step onto the lawns of Wimbledon, chasing his 8th title and the last record that still belongs to Roger Federer.

Ahead of his first round at the British Grand Slam, in an interview with Tennis365, Australian Alex De Minaur revealed his opinion on the Serbian champion's situation and talked about how he is dealing with his relationship with British Katie Boulter. The Australian tennis player is confident that the injury will not affect the 24-time Grand Slam champion's tournament.

"I'm not surprised, Nole is superhuman. He's done incredible things in the past and I hope he comes back and is ready for Wimbledon. I'm pretty sure he'll be back playing at the highest level and as if he never had an injury. That's what we expect from Novak and we shouldn't be surprised by anything he does," explained De Minaur.

Novak Djokovic
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On his relationship with British tennis player Katie Boulter, the 26-year-old revealed: "I'm really proud of everything she's achieved. The way she's dealing with the pressure and the expectations around her now that she's achieved success is just incredible. Going to defend her title in Nottingham and having to play five sets on Sunday because of the rain was really incredible. I hope she's had time to prepare for Wimbledon and can have a great tournament.

It would be great if we could both play great tennis and it would be a great story if we could go far. We accept that if we win rounds we'll be talked about and that's fine with us. Ultimately, we're both pretty quiet people but we've accepted that if we win tournaments on the same day, the press will talk about it. Overall, all this publicity has been positive so far. It's a good problem to deal with."

Alex De Minaur Katie Boulter
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De Minaur, thanks to a good start to the season crowned by two titles, achieved her best ranking, pushing herself up to 7th in the ATP rankings. The Australian is among the possible outsiders at Wimbledon. The success a few weeks ago on the grass of 's-Hertogenbosch has further increased the confidence of the 26-year-old.

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