Holger Rune reveals why he prefers Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer

The Dane explained that on the court he would not be able to have the same attitude as the Swiss Maestro

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Holger Rune reveals why he prefers Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer
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Not all tennis players can have the same demeanor, the same composure and the same grace as Roger Federer, on the court, and Holger Rune certainly does not have it, from several points of view. The behavior of the Swiss Maestro has been (almost) always exemplary throughout his glorious career, if we exclude an early youthful phase in which Roger used to often lose his temper. But then the Swiss matured early, showing a demeanor and sportsmanship on the court that went hand in hand with the beauty of his tennis.

But as I mentioned above, every tennis player has his own attitude. Every tennis player can be an idol for others (colleagues or fans) also for reasons of character affinity.

Rune himself talked about it in an interesting interview with The Guardian, in which he explained who he prefers between Federer and Rafael Nadal, underlining how he can't keep quiet on the court and for this reason he will never be like Roger.

"It's important to try to take the best from each player and if I could take the attitude of someone, I would take Rafael Nadal. He is a great inspiration. If we take those Big 3, because they were the greatest of all time, I don't think I will ever have a Roger Federer attitude on the court, because it's not in my nature to keep quiet anymore. I think Jannik Sinner is maybe closer to that," he explained.

Rfaael Nadal and Roger Federer
Rfaael Nadal and Roger Federer© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Rune, who beat Soonwoo Kwon in straight sets in the first round of Wimbledon, also had a small argument with his former coach Boris Becker, on social media, these days.

Boris Becker, who had apparently seen a gap between Patrick Mouratoglou on the eve of Wimbledon, wrote: "Quick question: I saw Mouratoglou in London but not with Rune at Wimbledon... are they still working together?"

The young Dane replied: "It's very strange that you don't ask me this question directly while we are writing to each other about other topics. The answer to your question is yes, we work together and run the tournaments as planned

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