Casper Ruud confirms he hates grass

Fabio Fognini wrote another beautiful page of his story, at 37 years old. He defeated Ruud

by Simone Brugnoli
Casper Ruud confirms he hates grass
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Fabio Fognini wrote another beautiful page of his story, at 37 years old. The Italian player took advantage of the draw and reached the third round at Wimbledon, beating a Casper Ruud who confirmed that grass is not the most congenial surface for him.

Casper Ruud
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The 1987 class returned to win a comparison against a tennis player belonging to the top 10 after over a year, from that success against Felix Auger-Aliassime at Roland Garros. The Ligurian started strong and soon found himself leading in scoring, thanks to a break in the third game at the first opportunity built.

The 37-year-old resisted and took home the set 6-4, also canceling two break balls in the last long game. In the second part Fognini continued to hold out, especially in a situation of constantly having to chase in the result, albeit without break to divide the two players.

Casper Ruud hates the grass

Italian Fabio Fognini risked big on 2-3 and 3-4, having to cancel in total four chances with his service. The winning cue, however, was again the Italian athlete, who pushed at the best time, 5-5, to find the decisive break even to zero, closing then 7-5 without difficulty.

The Italian ace was splendid also in the third set, earning two breaks and thus climbing to 5-2. Everything portended to the credits on the match shortly, and instead it was not so. The rise of the wind and the rain that was perhaps coming has 'forced' the 1987 class to accelerate practically all the exchanges and, without wanting it, has given back rhythm and confidence to the Norwegian.

Casper Ruud, Roland Garros 2023
Casper Ruud, Roland Garros 2023© Clive Mason / Staff - Getty Images Sport

Despite being 30-0 ahead, Fabio gave up one of two breaks in the eighth game to the advantage, after failing a match point. On 5-4 the opportunity was presented again but the Italian did not withstand the pressure and the result is back in balance, also thanks to a Casper Ruud never tame.

The two pushed to the tie-break and the Norwegian dominated 7-1, while the sky was clearing again. Everything to be redone but the blue remained focused and held the first rounds of batting, which could represent a great pitfall.

Next 4-3, the Italian found the flicker to get a chance in response and concretize it. For the third time he served for the match, he wasted two match points, canceled a dangerous break ball but eventually filed the practice.

After the match, Ruud reflected on his performance: "Honestly, I’m not too disappointed to have lost as I know my options on this surface, I’m realistic. I try to improve, but it is difficult to move and feel safe on the move. I will try to do better in the future.”

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