Fabio Fognini criticizes journalists harshly

Fabio Fognini will face Bautista for a place in the Round of 16 at Wimbledon

by Simone Brugnoli
Fabio Fognini criticizes journalists harshly
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An amazing victory that also allows him to rise in the standings and return to the top 80 tennis players in the world. Fabio Fognini will face Bautista for a place in the Round of 16 at Wimbledon, for six times in his career he tried to achieve this result but never succeeded.

Fabio Fognini
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During the press conference the blue tennis player removed several pebbles and released very clear words. Eurosport’s colleagues reported: "Press relations? I have had a relationship with you that has penalized me during my career, I am sincere and I am like this.

You have not changed me and I have not changed you, then it is true that if I was born Sinner that I was square, it was all more beautiful. I am also aware of this but I am like this, those who love me take me and those who do not love me the door is that".

The difficult character of Fognini has given him several problems throughout his career, perhaps preventing him from winning more titles and climbing the ranking.

Fabio Fognini is very sincere

Fabio Fognini is in the final phase of his career and about the possibility that his son plays tennis he answered very clearly: "I hope not, he plays both football and tennis but the important thing is that he has fun.


Tennis has given me so much but I also know the sacrifices I have made, as with family. Then if he wants to become a scientist, I will not put any pressure on him and both Flavia and I get along, the important thing is to make him enjoy".

Then the clear message: "I will tell him to be careful because this is a false world, a selfish world and a selfish sport, he must be careful because there are so many parrots around". In short, ups and downs for a Fabio who speaks without hesitation in the conference and has released very interesting words and even a small vent. The 'usual' Fognini that makes fans dream and that as he repeats he must accept as it is.

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