Caroline Wozniacki reveals what she needs to do to beat Elene Rybakina

The Dane will face the Kazakh in the highly anticipated Wimbledon 3rd round

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Caroline Wozniacki reveals what she needs to do to beat Elene Rybakina
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A three-set victory over Leyah Fernandez has allowed her to qualify for the 3rd round of Wimbledon, but the next match is expected to be particularly tough for the legendary Dane Caroline Wozniacki, who will face Elena Rybakina, in what will be a highly anticipated match. Caro, in the post match interview, analyzed the victory over Fernandez, before focusing on her next opponent Kazakh.

"I think my experience definitely helps me on days like this. I've been here for a few years now. I feel less pressure. I enjoy it, I enjoy the moment, I get to play on these big courts in front of these amazing crowds. I really enjoy it. I don't really take anything for granted. It was so tough today. The outside court was windy. Then it got dark. Then they said maybe we'd go here. Maybe Centre Court. Maybe we'd play tomorrow. At the end of the day I tried to stay focused. I thought we both played at a high level. She came out firing. I think she won the first six points or something. I just kept digging deep and found some good serves. I think I got a little lucky today," she explained.

Caroline Wozniacki
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On her upcoming match with Elena Rybakina, Woznacki said what she needs to try to beat her opponend: "It's going to be tough. I have to serve well, return well, move well, do everything well to have a chance of beating her."

We recall yesterday Wozniacki had the chance to meet Roger Federer inside the Centre Court. The Swiss Maestro was at the All England Club to attend Andy Murray's last Wimbledon and, during his path, he met and hugged Caroline.

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