Alex De Minaur reveals he can't wait to battle Novak Djokovic

The Australian will challenge the Serbian champion tomorrow in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alex De Minaur reveals he can't wait to battle Novak Djokovic
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Alex De Minaur and Novak Djokovic will face each other tomorrow in a highly anticipated quarterfinal at Wimbledon. A chance for both, considering that Nole underwent surgery on the meniscus of his right knee, now a month ago. The Australian tennis player arrives at this challenge with some aches and pains related to the 4th round match won against Arthur Fils in 4 amazing sets, after recovering from an initial disadvantage of two sets. De Minaur then wanted to reassure everyone after arriving two hours late at the press conference to complete a treatment at the end of the challenge.

"I feel pretty good. I have completed my post-match recovery and I am sure I will feel great," he said at the press conference.

Alex De Minaur
Alex De Minaur© Sean M. Haffey / Staff

De Minaur said he was fine and explained that he can't wait to face Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon quarterfinals to show with facts that he has become a different player. The Australian suffered a problem with his leg right on match point and left the court with some concern.

"Djokovic recovering from surgery? I'm not surprised. We've seen him do things like that before. He's one of those players who takes the best care of his body and he always shows it. There were rumors that he might skip Wimbledon, but deep down I knew he would come back. So I'm not surprised. I'm looking forward to this battle, because I think I'm a different player. I think over the years my belief has grown more and more.

I'm happy to continue to move forward at Wimbledon and I'm looking forward to the next challenge. No matter who I play, I consider all matches 50/50. Maybe in the past I didn't have that mentality. I don't think I need to say much about Novak at Wimbledon, where he has achieved glory for many years. It will be a battle, but it's the kind of battle I want to play. These are the matches I want to use to show everyone what I can do," he explained.

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