Tennis players, listen to McCaw: you are doing the wrong winter training!

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Tennis players, listen to McCaw: you are doing the wrong winter training!

Tennis – many of you have probably never heard of Alistair McCaw, but this name is particularly familiar to plenty of Atp and Wta players. Alistair is in fact one of the best known sports trainer in the international tennis scene and he is proud of the best collaborations with more or less famous athletes in the last twenty years.
Over the last days McCaw has posted on his Facebook page some piece of advice on how to avoid stupid injuries at the beginning of the year.

From his point of view many tennis players start, erroneously, the winter training too soon, so that they are completely out of shape in January. In confirmation of this, some male and female players’ clamorous quits can be pointed out, during the last Australian Open edition.

According to him the causes of all this are the mistakes made during November, when the season is almost finished but players tend to jump into training and get into perfect shape in December (when obviously there are no tournaments) and exhausted at the high point in January with the first season’s Slam.
McCaw also revealed that he was contacted a few weeks ago by two top 50 women, whose name hasn’t been told because of obvious privacy reasons, but that they didn’t reach any agreement because of discords about the way of approaching to 2014.

The two athletes, according to him, wanted to speed away from the first weeks of November. In Alistair’s opinion here is the mistake: one should completely devote to winter training only form the first week of December, gradually going on until the end of December.
McCaw doesn’t impute the cause of different injuries just to tennis players but also to the sports trainers and, most of all, to Atp and Wta circuit, that allowed a notable decrease of the season.

These two stop months would only harm athletes instead of facilitate them. Is this true? We will probably have the answer at the next Australian Open.