Nick Bollettieri: ´Marcelo Rios was the greatest talent I Ever had´

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Nick Bollettieri: ´Marcelo Rios was the greatest talent I Ever had´

Nick Bollettieri has seen a lot of tennis stars and there have passed many talents like Andre Agassi, Tommy Haas, Jim Courier, Marcelo Rios, Martina Hingis, the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova from his school. The American has however, in a press conference, confessed that the most talented player he has had was the Chilean, Marcelo Rios.

"He was undoubtedly the most talented of all the tennis players that I've had", he told ESPN. Bollettieri also talked about the quality of the United States tennis players. What once was a real power now has only one player among the 40 best in the world, John Isner.

The famous coach said that the cause for sufferance of American tennis has been the increased attention that his country has reserved for sports like baseball, basketball, football, and the great growth of tennis in other countries such as Serbia, China, Croatia and Japan. "I try to produce champions, but I also try to prepare children for the risks of life", said the coach who, despite his age, continues to teach tennis for US$ 900 per hour.
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