Stan Wawrinka: ´I still have a lot of passion for tennis´

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Stan Wawrinka: ´I still have a lot of passion for tennis´

Stan Wawrinka said he never lost his love for tennis. The world no. 9 also expressed his thoughts on the Roland Garros, his age, and Roger Federer. "I made a stop with the courts", said Stan. "For a few days I got home, I was able to rest and I came here in order to reaccustom to clay.

I'm fine now. When I think back to last year, I hadn't a real break, because I played a lot of tournaments: the Masters, the Davis Cup final and then the new season that began soon after. In the US tour in March I could not find my level, last year I was coming from the strong emotions of the victory at the Australian Open, this year I do not why I played so bad.

I really need to stop a little and recover." He also added, "Mentally I am now a better player. Not only during the match but also in training: I always try to improve myself. If you have ups and downs, it is something that is needed unconsciously.

In fact, the high that I have now has more value than before . So in the past, the gap between high and low moments was much thinner. It is not correct to say that the reason why I play well now, is because I'm more 'hard' with myself.

I've always tried to be very hard with myself in everything I did. Now, having a positive moment means winning Rotterdam or make the semifinals in Australia. I wish I could play well and make good results all the time, but for now I have to find a way to do it." About Roland Garros, he said, "It's a bit my tournament, because I grew up (playing) on the clay.

As well, in Switzerland, it is the only Grand Slam that is broadcast every afternoon for 15 days. Beating Rafa Nadal at the Australian Open final and beating him at Roland Garros, is different. He is still at a high level on clay.

My goal is not to win Roland Garros, but to have a great result. Last year I had a good draw, but I lost in the first round. "What is the tournament where I feel more at ease? Monte Carlo and Roland Garros have the perfect conditions.

Madrid instead is on an altitude, clay is more rapid and slippery; while in Rome, on center court, the clay is new, a bit ' hard and slippery, and the court 1 is very slow. I'm happy to get back to playing on clay, in a wonderful place like Monte Carlo." Stan just turned thirty.

The passage of decades is an opportunity to regard oneself on the mirror. Has this been the case for him? He says, "Not really. I have a different career than what others may have. How I consider the time between 20 and 30 years? It went very fast.

A lot of things happened in ten years, both in my professional career and in my personal life. Now that I'm 30 years I will say, 'Hey, now I remember everything that happened.' It doesn't change things much when you have 29, 30 or 31 years." The Swiss also talked about the difficulties of young players with the best in the world, and expressed his thoughts on veterans like Roger Federer.

He said, "I think with the top-four, for young people it is quite difficult. They always come to the final stages of a tournament and a boy of 19-20 years must have a great physical and mental maturity to compete with them.

Even at 30 years, for me it's always a great pleasure to play tennis, a sport that remains a passion. Roger is very dangerous, he is always hard to beat. "