Grigor Dimitrov: The Comparison with Roger Federer Crushed Me!

Tennis - World No 11 talks across-the-board during an interview to Sky Sports, speaking of his eternal comparison to Roger Federer

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Grigor Dimitrov: The Comparison with Roger Federer Crushed Me!

Grigor Dimitrov, interviewed by Sky Sport, talked across-the-board about the question 'Baby Federer', through Wimbledon, Djokovic's victory in 2013, and his relationship with Maria Sharapova. "I think I was compared to him (Roger Federer) too early.

At first I was pleased, it was fun, but then it became heavy. The comparison crushed me, and people only talked about that. Somehow it hurt me and I'm really happy it's all over. It was a situation not ideal for an emerging junior, who only wanted to prove his worth as a person and as a player.

Now I can laugh about it and think about the future. I do not have idols but models, but when Federer arrived everything changed. I see myself a little in him for the one-handed backhand. I remember the final Sampras-Agassi at Wimbledon in 1998 or '99.

I remember Pete dived to the net in a game that lasted a lot, and I do not think I saw more than a single match like that." Dimitrov talked about the magic happened at Wimbledon in 2014 and his success on Murray: "The atmosphere at Wimbledon is unique.

You arrive at Centre Court at noon and everything is so calm, but then when you go on the court and suddenly can feel the heat of the crowd. One of my favorite things is just the crowd who appreciates when players are showing quality tennis and supports the same way those on the court.

And that makes a difference, especially when you play important matches. I think the victory against Murray was the most important of my career because it took place in a tournament that I love very much." Another considerable success has been against Novak Djokovic in Madrid 2013: "Against Djokovic in Madrid we played at night, I do not remember much of that match, I was young and carefree.

When my shots didn't go well I could start to improvise. I had never won a match so important before. Plus I played against Novak who was number one. It was the special way in which I won in the third set, that made it one of the most beautiful matches of my career. "

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