Barry Cowan Believes Andy Murray Will Fare Better In Montreal

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Barry Cowan Believes Andy Murray Will Fare Better In Montreal

As we head into the Montreal Masters, the first ATP 1000 event of the hard court season following Wimbledon. Many pundits would have picked their favorites and given their predictions on who they think will have the best chance as the tour heads towards the last grand slam of the season.

Having his say on the matter in a recent interview was British tennis expert, Barry Cowan, who believes that Andy Murray will have no worries as he heads to the Rogers Cup and will be prepared better as compared to his antics during his defeat at the Citi Open last week.

"We should remember it was so soon after Wimbledon and the Davis Cup and it was a different sort of schedule for Andy because he's always used two weeks between Wimbledon and Montreal to prepare in Miami and he wasn't able to do that this year," Cowan said. "When you've done as much winning as Andy has done this year and played as much great tennis as he has done, he's not going to worry about that. "Washington is brutal and that's maybe one of the reasons why he decided to play this year because he got caught cold at the US Open last year early on.
"The benefit of playing in Washington is adjusting to the heat because he hasn't necessarily had time to prepare on the practice court, but now he would have had four or five days since his loss to Gabashvili." Considering how the Scot has played and the kind of form he has been in, Cowan does seem to be pointing out a valid reason as Murray has had a very busy schedule.

Apart from having a busy routine, he has gotten married and is now expecting his first child to be born in February. So taking all of these things into account along with the fact that last week in Washington was the first time, Murray took to an American hard court for the first time in four and a half months, it does seem unfair to make an opinion on how the World No 3 will fare in the coming hard court season.

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