Alexander Zverev: ´I don´t feel Russian, am completely German´

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Alexander Zverev: ´I don´t feel Russian, am completely German´

18-year old rising star Alexander Zverev is playing the ATP 250 Stockholm this week. He debuted with a win against fellow youngster, Swedish Mikael Ymer 7-6(9) 6/7(5) 6/4 after two hours and 35 mins. After the match, Zverev said shared some interesting trivia about himself and his family Zverev comes from a family of tennis players: "My father played Davis Cup for Russia in the 1980s and my mother was a tennis player as well.

Since I was a kid, I've seen my brother (Mischa), my father and my mother play tennis. At home, on TV, I watched tennis, so I started to learn and love it since I was a kid. I'm very happy for what I did in the past and with where I'm now.

My parents moved to Germany in 1991 and I was born and brought up there. I feel that I've almost nothing to do with Russia. My parents come from there, but I'm completely German". Alexander also revealed that he rarely visits cities when he's on the tour: "I come to prepare for the tournament.

I train much and during free time I stay in the hotel to rest. I don't have much time to visit the city or to be a sightseer". When asked about the possible changes in tennis, Alexander said: "I don't like to win four games per set.

Tennis is a very old sport, with great tradition and with matches characterized by six games. I don't think they should change it. Our sport is so beatiful now, they don't have to make big changes. If we'll play at best of four games, after a change-over the set will be almost finished.

I don't like it, I'm not a fan of it like many other tennis players, but what can we do against the ITF?'" Also Read: Taylor Fritz wins Sacramento Challenger, Raises Hopes of Future of American Tennis