Boris Becker: ´The best Pete Sampras would have beaten Roger Federer´

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Boris Becker: ´The best Pete Sampras would have beaten Roger Federer´

Other some interesting quotes by Boris Becker in his book. After saying that Federer didn't show his personality because of the money, the Former Wimbledon Champion spoke about the GOAT Question. He hasn't any doubt: Pete Sampras.

'People always ask me about the best players in the history and now they ask me even more, maybe because I'm closer to one of them. The best I played was Pete Sampras. Without any doubt he had the best serve between the players I faced and he was the best of the best.

Because of him I stopped to think to win Wimbledon. Apart his weakness, the backhand, he was good enough with the rest of his shots, and his movement on the court what so good that it was difficult to play on his backhand'. Becker mentioned Federer, citing the Wimbledon 2001 fourth round where the Swiss beat Sampras in four sets. 'People ask me if Federer would have been able to beat Sampras.

They played against only time and Federer won, but Sampras already had his best moment. You have to take account that tennis begins with the only shot that does not depend by your opponent, the serve, and i thonk Pete Sampras has the best serve in the history' - said Becker.

The German does not underestimate the fact that Federer won more Grand Slam titles (17) than anyone else. Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras are behind him with 14. 'Federer is without any doubt the most successful player seeing the Grand Slams, and Jimmy Connors won more singles titles and fifth set matches'. However according to Becker, the best Sampras would have beaten Federer and Connors: 'But had they played against Sampras in Pete's best moment, they would have been able to return his serve so good to win? I doubt it.' After these quotes, he seems to re-think about the GOAT Question: 'I do not think you can make a comparison between different generations.

No one played with Laver but be made Calendar Grand Slam twice and he was the only to do it. Saying that he is not good like Federer would not be fair.' He then spoke about two legends like Bjorm Borg, who won 11 Slams (six Roland Garros and five Wimbledon), and John McEnroe who won seven (three Wimbledon and four US Open.

'Borg Won Wimbledon five times and from the baseline. People said that he would have not been able to do it and he made it for five times in a row, and often he won previously Roland Garros, Federer did it one time and Nadal twice, but Borg three times.

Yes, it is impossible to beat Nadal at the Roland Garros, but what would have hapoened if Borg and Nadal played with the same rackets? Sometimes I speak about it with Novak.' 'You cannot say that McEnroe was not good as Federer on grass, despite Federer won seven titles and McEnroe three.

I played him and he was a genious, but I think that Sampras was the best because I could not touch ball on the return games. McEnroe did serve and volley well, while against Sampras you cannot start rally, and when you made it he was so agile that put on his forehand side and dominated you or went on the net and played volleys.

What could you do? The most probable thing was to lose 7/6 6/4.' Story by Punto de Break. ALSO READ: The era of super-coaches: How Becker, Edberg and Lendl transformed tennis