Garbine Muguruza: ´Friendship between players? We hate each other! Doping in tennis? We are tested much´

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Garbine Muguruza: ´Friendship between players? We hate each other! Doping in tennis? We are tested much´

Interesting interview by El Pais to Garbine Muguruza. The Spaniard spoke about many different arguments: from her 2015 season to the lack of friendship on the WTA Tour. 'In 2015 I lived both positive and negative moments.

Wimbledon was a positive one. You get up a morning saying yourself: I have been practicing my whole life for this moment and I am playing an opponent who I admired for all my life. I am privileged. How many people get to do it?'.

And the interviewer cuts her off asking: 'Since she was your idol, do you want to hug her?'. 'Nope absolutely! - she replies - The last thing you want during that moment is losing. She is not your idol anymore, she is an opponent'. She is living a dream and it's true, but 'People of my same age have no responsability.

And they believe that my life is a movie. In tennis it's difficult to be friends between women, we are very competitive, we spend all the time travelling and maybe the following day you play against them... for the guys it's different, but the girls... we all hate each other.

Literally. And who says the opposite is lying. Even if we think about women's things. We watch each other from head to foot and I think: 'I have better fingernails (laughs). It's got to be said. It's incredibly different than the guys who are very friendly.

When we take part to the events before the tournaments I do not talk to anyone'. Muguruza does not see herself in any player that played in the past because 'tennis changed much during the recent years. We are very sporting girls, we train more.

When I see a Navratilova's match I admire her game but I see it as something ancient. We are much more powerful'. The World No. 3 was born in Venezuela but was naturalized Spaniard and officially plays for Spain: 'I like the support I receive from Venezuela, I do not want to forget what my faimly did in order to bring me where I am now in tennis.

My triumphs are for both Nations. Tennis can last 10 years and during this period you have to turn off your life. I am a very demanding person, I have to live in a shell because I am very sensitive. But I have to do it to protect my sensibility, because my character makes my game different'. The Spaniard didn't have the start she was hoping for as she was forced to retire down one set against Varvara Lepchenko due to a left foot injury.

Garbine assured that it's not a serious problem and she should play Australian Open. 'I started to feel it at 3-3, something like that. it's just a pain that sometimes you have in the foot, especially when you're starting to compete and to run a lot.

I thought in the match I was going to be able to play with the pain, but it just got to a point where I'm like, 'Hey it's getting worse, so just stop and let's treat it and hopefully it's gone in couple of days' - said Muguruza, who is suffering the same injury she suffered last year and during the pre-season.

Muguruza decided to play Brisbane only a few days ago. She had physical problems during the pre-season but did not reveal details at first. She is the fourth top player in The Top 4 rankings who retired this week. ALSO READ: WTA BRISBANE - Muguruza retires, Azarenka and Kerber advance. Bencic crashes out