Suarez Navarro: ´Many players can win a Slam and I am one of them. Kerber is an example´

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Suarez Navarro: ´Many players can win a Slam and I am one of them. Kerber is an example´

Interviewed by Planeta Tenis, Carla Suarez Navarro has spoken about Angelique Kerber's win at the Australian Open in the final against Serena Williams. The Spaniard did not expect a such result. 'Totally surprising.

Serena is always the favorite, bur Kerber played an incredible tournament. When you beat players like Azarenka or Serena you totally deserve the title. Also Angelique has been in Top 10 from many years and she deserved it. Tennis is a very fair sport, every week there are tournaments that reward the continuity, sacrifices and work...

i think Kerber is a great example for this. People speak much about the fact that Serena can equal or beat Steffi's record. We will see if she will be able to do in future.' At the Australian Open for the fifth time in career she reached the quarter-finals at Major level, and lost against Agnieszka Radwanska. 'I am not pleased if they define me a quarter-final player, but when you lose that chance you are a little bit sad.

When you play finak rounds matches become even more complicated, but that wish remains. I was not competitive and i have not had character when I have had bad feelings. Great players win matches even if they have negative feelings or if they do not play the way they want.

There are things from which you have to learn, you have to be mentally ready for everything.' 'I really think I can win a Grand Slam, doors are open. Kerber showed it this week, Flavia last year, many players can succeed to do it and I feel one among these ones.

It's clear that you mature and grow as a tennis player. If you are a top 10 player it means that you are very fit. My enthusiams is the same since I started, even if it's different. Before it was about having it, now it's about keep having it.

Difficulties are still there, I do not know what's tougher.' Finally she has spoken about the Grand Slams schedule. For example in Melbourne Djokovic played the semifinal on Thursday, while Murray on Friday, so the Serb had two days off more.

In the women's draw some players played the quarter-finals on Wednesday and then the semifinals on Thursday: 'Since a Grand Slam is played in two weeks, there are many matches. If you start playing on Monday and arrive to the final you have always one day off, while if you start one day later it's not the same.

I think it would be fair having the same number of days off, for example from the quarter-finals.' Story by Punto de Break. ALSO READ: Suarez Navarro: ´Nadal and I together in Rio 2016? Rafa decides. Muguruza´s quotes make me sad´