Marion Bartoli: Roger Federer Is Probably The Greatest Ever

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Marion Bartoli: Roger Federer Is Probably The Greatest Ever

Roger Federer has been symbol of excellence for many years in the tennis community and his repertoire of getting better each year has continued to amaze fans all over the world. The Swiss Maestro has managed to win 17 Grand Slams and even though, he has not been among the winners in recent years, he has still been around as a constant threat.

Keeping the same point of view in mind, former Wimbledon winner, Marion Bartoli believes that the 34 year old is probably the greatest ever player to have played tennis and his lack of major trophies since 2012 is not because he does not have it anymore but his age catching up to him.

"You cannot possibly say that for someone who has won 17 Grand Slams. Roger Federer will always be one of the greatest, maybe the greatest. He is probably the greatest tennis champion of all time. The things he has managed to accomplish and the level to which he has taken the game is amazing.

When he is playing, his style is so flawless and beautiful. It is almost like a ballet when he is playing. If I watch Federer's match on television, I cannot even switch it off," Also Read: Sabine Lisicki: What Does She Need to Get the Top?