Mouratoglou: ´Djokovic can achieve the Calendar Grand Slam. If Serena asked me to hire a woman as coach...´

Tennis - The French coach speaks also about Djokovic and his chances to realize Calendar Grand Slam

by Luigi Gatto
Mouratoglou: ´Djokovic can achieve the Calendar Grand Slam. If Serena asked me to hire a woman as coach...´

Second part of the interview by Patrick Mouratoglou to TennisBest. The French coach spoke about French players' mentality, the fact that even more players are hiring legends in their teams and many more things. He was critical towards French players saying that they have technical weaknesses.

Can a French player win a Grand Slam again for the first time since Yannick Noah at the Roland Garros 1983? 'I simply replied a question where they asked if French school is tecnically exceptional. Exceptional? I know that at men's level they have not won in 33 years.

And then it's true that players like Tsonga or Gasquet are not perfect tactically, but as I said, that's not the main question. Nadal's backhand is nothing remarkable but he is still a phenomenon. France has not won a Slam in many years for a mental question: there isn't a culture of victory, of the great goal, of ambition.

In France when you show ambition they say you are cocky. Because of it they criticize me in France, but only there! It's a pity this lack of ambition because we have three players like Tsonga, Gasquet and Monfils who could have won several Slams.

But what has always lacked is ambition, determination. Technical weaknesses are not the main reason.' And what about this new thing to have a great champion as consultant in the team? 'Like you said, it's a new thing. If in the next tournament Djokovic starts to eat a banana at the change over, all the other players would start doing it too.

They would not know why, but still they would do it. Jim Courier told me that for a while he liked to read a book at the change over and that for a while he has not seen so many books on the courts! If three or four years ago, I had asked to top players if they wanted to have a former champion as coach, they would have all said no.

Then the partnership between Murray and Lendl worked out very well and from there it all started'. If Serena asked him to hire a woman, maybe a former champion, what would he say? 'Why? Is there something I am not able to give you? You have never won so much and there are risks if you take this choice.

It didn't always work out'. Djokovic, who realizes Calendar Grand Slam, Federer who wins another Slam or Nadal who returns at a very high level: what's the most likely thing to happen? 'The first one! The Grand Slam is an exploit amazingly difficult to realize but if Djokovic keeps playing this way...

the only one who can stop him, is himself. If he has a bad day and his opponent plays the match of his life.' ALSO READ: Mouratoglou assures about Serena Williams´ condition: ´She is doing very well but she needs regular treatments´