Toni Nadal: ´If nothing is done, tennis will just become a matter of brute force´

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Toni Nadal: ´If nothing is done, tennis will just become a matter of brute force´

Toni Nadal has had an interesting article featured in Tennis Base in which he's spoken about the future of tennis characterized by only power and force. 'In the past' - writes Toni - 'When we watched players like Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe and Björn Borg we didn’t just appreciate their different styles, but we marveled at the way they could improvise and produce strategies to defeat each one of their opponents.

They prepared each and every point and resolved them in their own way. We admired their talent as tennis players, but we loved their intelligent approach to the game as well. Today, though, certain developments in the world of tennis are a cause for concern.

A few days ago, I read that at the recent Australian Open, more than seventy percent of the points did not last longer than four shots. The statistics are similar at last year’s US Open. People who love this sport have reason to be worried. 'I think I can predict where the future of tennis is heading, and I’m afraid I don’t like what I see.

If nothing is done, we will soon be witness to an almost total domination of speed and power to the detriment of skills and tactics. Tennis will just become a matter of brute force, rather than a sport in which players need to work on improving their skills, reflect on the game, and apply intelligent strategies.' The phrase 'If nothing is done' is quite important to think about. What needs to be done? Do surfaces need to be made slower than what they already are today? Doe