Stefan Edberg: ´Federer has a greatness that few have´

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Stefan Edberg: ´Federer has a greatness that few have´

A relaxed Stefan Edberg, who's currently enjoying time his family in his native city of Vastervik, gave an exclusive interview to Goteborg Posten, where he spoke about the most dominant top-ranked players, and about his former protege, Roger Federer.

"This generation with Djokovic, Nadal and Federer has been winning more than 40 Grand Slam titles combined in the last decade. It's a Golden Era of players that have brought tennis to another level, they have been totally dominating during a decade.

It never happened, so it's a unique generation," said Edberg. The Swedish got to experience this era somewhat closely thanks to his partnership with Federer: "I met him for the first time during the 2012 Stockholm Open. We'd never met before.

He told me that I was his idol when he was younger and it was a surprising discussion. We spoke like as if we'd known each other forever. He was very spontaneous and open. It was a chance to come back to tennis and coach, something I'd never imagined.

And I asked myself: what can I really bring? I think that if any other player had asked me, I would not have accepted." When asked what were the best moments of the time they were working together, Edberg did not reveal many details: "I am not used to making many declarations.

But I can say these were very good two years. I was far away from tennis for much time and I had another idea of how they played nowadays, it impressed me. But I am especially impressed by Roger as person, both on and off court; I can confirm he is the best ambassador tennis has today.

He has a greatness that few have, a charisma and interest for tennis. He has had an amazing journey and he will continue to have it for a while." ALSO READ: Roger Federer in Miami Beach with a Former Soccer Star (PICS INSIDE)