Bernard Tomic: ´I care about tennis, but if I had 100 milion´

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Bernard Tomic: ´I care about tennis, but if I had 100 milion´

Bernard Tomic commented again on the remarks he'd made in Madrid when, while explaining why he'd tried to return Fabio Fognini's serve with the handle of the racket, he'd said that he did not care about the match because he was 23 and had already earned $10 million.

On Monday, in the post-match press conference after winning his first match on clay this year, Tomic continued to be defiant about his attitude. He said, 'I would love to say I have 10 million US dollars, but maybe 10 million Australian dollars.

Yeah, I shouldn't have said that, but that's in the past. That was my fault. I just said that and I was talking to my friends about some things, so it just sort of came out. I don't really care. Maybe if I had 100 (million) that's different.' He also added he cared about tennis. 'It's like a job, so of course I look at it as a chance.

Sometimes I have my own way. For sure I have to be strong and compete. I'm at the best tournament in the world. All those things aside, I just focus on my goal here and to try to win as many matches as I can,' he said.

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