Victor Troicki: ´I will play the Olympics but I´m not excited at all´

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Victor Troicki: ´I will play the Olympics but I´m not excited at all´

The Serb player Victor Troicki announced he will play Olympic Games, even if it was not an easy decision for the 30-year-old tennis player. 'I decided to play but I do not know whether to be happy or not with this decision, I really had some doubts - said Troicki in press conference - To be honest I do not think tennis is an Olympic sport, there are many more important tournaments for us than the Games.

Straight after that, there is the Masters 1000 of Cincinnati, for example. And then there are no point at stake, no prize money, all the players who don't get a medal will be losers. Olympic Games are significant only for those who fight for the medals. I would like to win one too, but it's tough, it's like reaching a Grand Slam final.

Also, if you get in the semifinals and then you lose both that match and the final for the third place, at the end you played the same matches of the winner and you do not win anything' Troicki explained also why, despite all these doubts, he decided to play. 'In that week there is only an ATP 250 event (Los Cabos, Mexico), it does not change much and it influenced my decision too, I did not want to regret the fact that I had skipped Rio.

I played London Olympics, but it was not the same thing: we were playing at Wimbledon, I was not at the Olympic Village, I did not attend The opening ceremony and I did not watch any other sport. I'll go there like a turist.

I am not excited by that and because of it I had doubts, but I will try my best.' ALSO READ: Viktor Troicki: ´When Novak Djokovic loses in the semi-final or final that becomes a day of Mourning in Serbia´