Del Potro: 'Djokovic is one of the people who supported me most in my worst moment'

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Del Potro: 'Djokovic is one of the people who supported me most in my worst moment'

Juan Martin del Potro is a player, whose relationship with top players is fantastic. Djokovic, Murray and Federer often send him messages on WhatsApp, Nadal even wished him good luck before his surgeries on social media.

Interviewed by Canchallena La Nacion, the Argentinian shared some very good words about Djokovic and Murray, who were asked last week about his comeback.

'Nole told me beautiful things. He has been one of the people who spoke to me most in my worst moment. He helped me a lot.

It's difficult to speak with tennis players without speaking about the sport, but with him I've a special relationship and that's why we hugged each other like that at the net,' the former world no. 4 mentioned.

In June 2015, while announcing that he was going to undergo yet another surgery, del Potro had said he did not want to hate the sport.

Asked if he'd become friends with tennis again, del Potro replied, 'Yes, what else can I say? After experiencing one of the most emotional weeks of my life again thanks to tennis, I cannot do anything but thank God.

Dreaming things out (of the court) can be easy, but making it true on (the court) is complicated and I definitely think I lived the most unforgettable week in my life at human and tennis level.'

He then continued, 'My results in Rio have gone beyond tennis, not only tennis and sports fans watch Olympics but also people who have no idea of what a racket is.

When I won my first round match against Djokovic, who was the biggest favourite for the Gold medal, everyone knew it. My win against Rafa and the match with Murray made everything look like a film.'

Del Potro also talked about he felt when he got to know that he'd drawn to play against Djokovic in the first round. '15-20 days ago, I was coming back from Pesaro where we beat Italy and I was going to Rio with professionalism and seriousness, to win a couple of matches and not to try lose early.

Imagine when I saw the draw and at first round level I had to face Djokovic. I was joking with my friends saying, "Let's prepare barbecue because in a few days I'll be here." It had been disappointing to see that draw, because a long time ago I was seeded and I could not face these players before the quarter-finals.

Now I have to live this reality that is not so good, but sometimes things happen for a reason and I had to be ready in order to take advantage of this chance, which I did. It had been a battle mentally and emotionally every day.

What I experienced is indescribable. When I believed that I didn't have any strength, the following day I had more incredible moments,' said del Potro.

Murray had mentioned that del Potro could be a top-five player again.

In order to do it the 27-year old will need to improve his backhand, but even without being able to hit it as fast as possible, he thinks he is a more complete player thanks to the slice and volley that he's been hitting better than before 'I need to have the backhand I had before.

Physically in the final, during some moments I could not see the score, I was dizzy, I was asking the umpire what the score was because I was feeling bad, did not have strength and I was cramping. But as the games, sets and hours went on, I resisted,' he commented.

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