Steve Simon reveals there could be HISTORICAL Changes in the WTA!

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Steve Simon reveals there could be HISTORICAL Changes in the WTA!

Tennis could change not only in the Davis and Fed Cups (see the details here), but also in the WTA Tour. That's what the WTA Ceo Steve Simon said on Friday during a press conference at the Wuhan Open. There could be a different format, with no-ad scoring and a 10-point super-tiebreak in the third set.

It's something we have been already seeing for a decade at WTA and ATP Level as well. Simon believes shortening the length of the matches is the key to have better audience. He said, 'The doubles format is where tennis was progressive, at least on the ATP and WTA side, where we’ve gone to two-set matches with no-ad scoring and a super-tiebreak for the third and you can put your clock on those matches, that they don’t go longer than an hour and a half.

They’re 60-90 minutes max. And that’s great. And I think we need to do that with tennis. It will help us with broadcast, it will help us keep people in the seats.' The WTA Ceo is also aware this will take time and that not everyone will agree with this format at the beginning.

He however added, 'If we start doing that maybe at the lower levels and then it becomes normal and then you slowly begin phasing it in over generations, maybe it’s something that we could get to and we’ll ultimately be in a better place.' Simon also thinks the current system is a little bit confusing and stated, 'What I want to try to do is to clean up and create a better definition of what our tournaments are.

I think there’s a lot of confusion out there with respect to the differentiation of what type of event are you watching, what level of the event and what is its relevance on the tour? And I think we have to better define that.

And I also like to create a higher amount of events in which we deliver what I consider our premium product.' Simon's idea met with first resistance from world no. 10 Svetlana Kuznetsova, who is not excited about this possible format.

'I think it would be a horrible call,' she said on Friday after her loss to Dominika Cibulkova in the semi-final. 'For doubles they make it so singles players play it. I think this is what gives you drive. I would take out five sets of men’s, that’s what I would do for sure.

I was thinking about it. The men always say we shouldn’t earn that money or whatever it is. But I never watch one match from beginning to end of five sets. They start and you say, I’ll come back in fourth, fifth. You turn the channel.

It’s no point. It’s too hard for the guys. But three sets, deuce, advantage, this is the point of singles game. I think it’s very interesting and it’s going to be physical and everything. It’s not only luck.

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