Nick Bollettieri: 'Djokovic is perfect, Federer is gods' gift. While Nadal...'

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Nick Bollettieri: 'Djokovic is perfect, Federer is gods' gift. While Nadal...'

´They are animals.´ That´s how Nick Bollettieri described Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray speaking in a press conference at Linz on Friday about the fight for the world no. 1. ´Check their off-season preparation, they are literally animals.

Several young tennis players are coming, but at the moment I do not see anyone who can get closer to Djokovic in terms of tennis: he is the most perfect tennis player I´ve ever seen in 60 years. He has no weakness, mentally physically, more than Roger Federer, who is gods´ gift.

To win a slam again he´ll have to run at net as never he did before. Tennis needs him to win again.´ According to Bollettieri, Rafael Nadal has fullfilled all his potential, asking much from his body. ´A player with a such grip, with a such light racket, it´s incredible what he won, but he's paying the price physically because of his game style.It won´t be easy for him to come back at the top due to a simple reason, which is the same for all the champions: when opponents are not afraid to face you anymore, you are in trouble.

They have not anything to lose,´ said Bollettieri. About Sharapova, who he'd coached in his academy when she was a little girl, Bollettieri said, ´She a tough. That´s what made her a great player (not great athlete), being the most fierce competitor!´ ALSO READ: Carlos Moya: 'Rafael Nadal can win more Slams'