Tsonga's Shocking Revelation: 'Here's why I suffered many injuries in my career'

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Tsonga's Shocking Revelation: 'Here's why I suffered many injuries in my career'

In an interview with L'Equipe, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shared an unexpected reason for his struggles with injuries. 'I was operated on three weeks ago,' opened up Tsonga, who underwent surgery on his knee. 'When I was fifteen, a dentist kindly left some toothpaste in my sinuses, and they became infected.

To give you an idea, fungus had grown in my sinuses that, put together, amounted to the size of a ping pong ball. The doctor who operated on me said that all my tendinitis problems and all my physical problems could quite well be connected to that.

All the particles would become lodged in the joints, in the tendons. Apart from that, I also had infections in the roots of some teeth. I went to see another specialist. All those operations took place in the space of four days.

But suddenly, I have no pain, my knee is stable and I'm breathing much better. I was only breathing through my mouth. It doesn't need saying that everything's better.' Analyzing his week in Vienna, Tsonga said, 'I am happy with the week.

I played good tennis and fought until the end. That’s the most important thing for me. It was nice to play five matches in a row, which didn’t happen to me too many times this season. Of course I am a bit disappointed but it was a positive week.' Quotes recognized by Mark Nixon ALSO READ: Tommy Haas: 'Federer? He always beat me so he should pay for dinner, but...'