Richard Gasquet hires a new coach and splits with Sebastien Grosjean

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Richard Gasquet hires a new coach and splits with Sebastien Grosjean

While Richard Gasquet was playing his first round match against Steve Johnson in Paris Bercy on Tuesday, it has been revealed by BeinSports the news that Thierry Champion will join the French player's team. Champion will also keep coaching Benoit Paire, with who already worked since August and that this week did not follow creating several controversy in press conference. After the match Gasquet explained that he will keep working with his coach Sergi Bruguera as well, but will split at least at the moment with Sebastien Grosjean who 'wants to spend more time with his family', Richard explained. 'He's been traveling a lot.

He's been traveling for five years a lot. So I want to thank him, first of all. We started working together in 2011, and I was down in the rankings at the time. And with him, I finished three seasons among the top 10 since 2013, and I owe him a lot.
He allowed me to enjoy tennis again, because before I had problems.

So now he became a very good friend. We are very close.' 'But I needed, of course, to find another coach. I would have continued if I had been able to with him, because things were going very well. But I can understand very well his point of view.

My choice was to work with Thierry. No hesitation there. I have known him for a long time on the tour. He knows tennis very well. He really has the ability to be a coach', Gasquet added. 'So I think now I'm back to a good level.

That's where I wanted to be. Physically, I feel good, too. I think with a good break, I will be able to play well in 2017. I think things will go well.' ALSO READ: Klara Koukalova: 'The pills Serena Williams took have the same effect as Heroin'