Roberta Vinci: 'I will play in 2017 but won't have any goal'

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Roberta Vinci: 'I will play in 2017 but won't have any goal'

After Francesca Schiavone also Roberta Vinci announced she will play in the 2017 season as well. The Italian player reflected on it for a long time after the Zhuhai tournament played three weeks ago, and made known her final decision on Instagram writing a beautiful letter: 'I red and heard anything, like it's maybe normal when there is not an answer.

The tough is that I didn't know this answer aw well. I would be ipocrit if I said tennis didn't give me a lot. But it required traveling for 11 months per year and it's not easy to do it, it's not easy to train intensely every day, fight and suffered like if every match was the most important one of your life.' Vinci added how she is willing 'to try to do something good in what probably I do better, playing tennis.

Next year won't be easy, that's why i decided not to set any goal, I will take all what will happen with the awareness of trying my best', wrote Vinci, who will start to prepare for the 2017 season in a few days.

'And now do not start to ask me if it's my last year! See you in Australia.'

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