Ion Tiriac tries again: 'We want the blue clay for the Madrid event!'

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Ion Tiriac tries again: 'We want the blue clay for the Madrid event!'

Interviewed by El Espanol, Ion Tiriac, tournament director of the Mutua Madrid Open, spoke about blue clay that was ´liked by everyone in 2012´ before the tournament. ´You could see ball much better, the only problem was that players were sliding much, but they never complained about the colour.

TVs and players agreed with the fact that you could see the ball better. We hope to have blue clay again, everyone wants it.´ ´ Tiriac also added that he has a good relationship with the Madridian mayor, Manuela Carmena and assured he wanted to keep the tournament in Madrid for at least other 50 years. 'I received several offers but tournament will remain here in Madrid at least until 2021, even if we want to renew the contract because the sooner we do it, the better.´

He had an interesting proposal towards tennis authorities: 'If I were the God of tennis, I would create a much bigger ball to make the game less fast and reduce the sets to four games.'

He finally spoke about Rafael Nadal: ´If he remains healthy he can be competitive for two or three more years.

However, the tournament will work also without him, it won't disappear. The city of Madrid loves sports, and in 2002 and 2003 Nadal wasn't there.' ALSO READ: Magnus Norman: 'It's frustrating to see Wawrinka being inconsistent'