Fabio Fognini: ‘I’m the number one.. in being crazy!’

Tennis - The Italian also added, ‘My new coach? I’ve already chosen..’

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Fabio Fognini: ‘I’m the number one.. in being crazy!’

Interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Fabio Fognini talked at length about his career. He has chosen a new coach, but who will it be? "I have already chosen, but I will define the details in a few days. I can guarantee it will be a top class coach, as had been José Perlas, because I want to get back in the game for the most important goals," said the Italian.

As mentioned several times by Fognini, Flavia Pennetta will not be his new coach: "Let Flavia do the role of wife, in which, however, she is fine. She supports me, however, is always by my side in every decision, and calms me, and she feels well at home." Perlas, his former coach, had very kind words for Fabio, with only one regret.

Of not having consolidated over time his rankings' high of 13. Fognini agreed with Perlas' assessment. "He's right. But I was afraid, I admit. I arrived at the number 13, just 600 points behind the tenth, around me, I began to hear to talk about top ten, even top five and the last step scared me." Fognini was born in the same month of the same year as Djokovic and Murray, who were often his rivals as kids.

"They are two players with different characteristics, but it was clear they would become great players, because they had extraordinary physical, technical and mental skills. And then Murray has done a phenomenal second half of the season, he deserved to be up there.

" About the question on tennis without Federer, he said, "I can imagine tennis without Djokovic, Nadal and Murray. The only tennis character seems Kyrgios, but you don’t become a star only with the tantrums and without results." Italy has three players in the top-100.

Paolo Lorenzi, is almost 35, Fognini almost 30, and Seppi almost 33. When asked him if this was a sign of weakness, Fognini responded, "Of course, but also the result of the errors committed in the past. In Italy, there are few truly prepared coaches, you have to cut deep.

And then we always mature later. Congratulations to Lorenzi, but there is one thing that no one can take away, early development. I remain the craziest of all!" Source: Gazzetta dello Sport Also Read: Pepe Imaz: 'Djokovic's priority is his well-being'

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