Pat Cash reveals back problems

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Pat Cash reveals back problems

Tennis Ace, Pat Cash is 51 years old now and now works as pundit with BBC and CNN. After years of retirement, Cash reveals that he has back problems and his spine his crumbling. “The only time I’m not is when I lie down,” Cash said. Talking about the back injury, Cash reveals that the real problems started when he was 19 years old and after ignoring medical advice for years, he is coming to regret it.

Cash was sidelined for 6 months and was told to rest, however, ignoring advice, he continued playing. ‘My girlfriend at the time [Norwegian model Anne-Britt Kristiansen] was pregnant with our son Daniel and I thought I’ve got to pull my finger out,’ he explained.

‘I had a baby on the way and had to get a career.

‘I had three good years or so from 1986 to 1988, then I broke my Achilles,’ he recalls. ‘That was the beginning of the end. I did my knee, then my other knee, then my back, then my knee again.

So I never got a chance to get back into it.’

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