Venus Williams: 'I already know my outfits for the 2018 season'

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Venus Williams: 'I already know my outfits for the 2018 season'

Venus Williams's retirement is still far away. During the presentation of her latest collection of Eleven By Venus, called Casablanca, she revealed that will play at least for two more years. 'I design all of my collections in advance, so while we're just debuting this season's collection I've actually got everything planned through 2018', Venus said.

'We've got all our designs ready for next year and the year after.' Analyzing the main characters of the new collection, Venus added: 'It's just really classic motifs of black and white. When you think of the movie Casablanca, it's a classic love story, it's black and white.

That's really what we brought to this line, a real classic feeling. Black, white, and a little bit of red.' Which are her goals for the next season, that for her will start in Auckland? 'To win every match (laughs! I've been working hard in the gym and getting back on the court.

I just love the game, I really do. I love the challenge. It's been such a part of my life that it's hard to imagine life without it. I'm just gearing up for 2017 like I'm sure everybody else is.' As for her long-term goals, Venus said a few weeks ago she wants to play 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, when she will be 40.

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