Gilles Muller: 'When I had elbow injury, my kids were my motivation'

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Gilles Muller: 'When I had elbow injury, my kids were my motivation'

At 33 years and 8 months Gilles Muller won his first ATP title in career beating Dan Evans 7/6 (5) 6/2. His career could be at risk in 2013 when he stopped playing for seven months due to an elbow injury. One of his main motivations were 'my kids', Lenny and Nils, who entered the court to hug their father after the win.

'When I had my big injury in 2013, one of my motivations was to keep playing so they'd see what their dad was doing', Muller said in press conference. Muller received a Great surprise during the trophy ceremony as Rod Laver was on Court next to him. 'I wasn't expecting that.

It was a great honour. Just unbelievable. Everything that happened tonight was like in a movie. Rod Laver there, standing on centre court with the trophy, my kids in the stands, can't ask for more.' 'It means a lot', added Muller who had lost five ATP Finals previously. 'Like you can see, I was pretty emotional out there on the court.

For the past two or three years, it was probably my biggest goal to win a title. I always dreamed of that, and I was so close last year... So I was very scared and worried that I was going to be one of those players who never win a title.

Now I have it, and it just feels great.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer is again the most marketable athlete of the year