David Ferrer: 'Roger Federer dominates the points like no else does'

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David Ferrer: 'Roger Federer dominates the points like no else does'

David Ferrer, who is playing the Argentina Open this week, visited Canchallena La Nacion studios for an interesting interview. The World No. 27 spoke about the Australian Open final between Nadal and Federer, and according to him Roger's aggressive game made a difference.

'Federer played faster than he does usually, maximum 3-4 shots [per point]. It was the ideal match for him on the tactics level, he didn't get tired and rested more before the final than Rafa. How is it like to play against Federer? He has a great variety of shots and dominates the points like no else does.

With Nadal it's different, he is very powerful especially when he hits forehand and in the return games. I do not know how many years are left for them, but the longer they are in the ATP Tour, the better. They are very important for the sport.' He also spoke about Davis Cup, a competition skipped even more by top players. 'In tennis the schedule is tough and when you get tired or don't feel at your best it's difficult to play all the events.

So here you have players skipping it. Especially after winning it, it's normal to drop mentally and physically. You end the season in December and you have two weeks to prepare the Australian swing. You have to choose: do you want to extend your professional career or to win another Davis Cup title? It's normal that players want to extend their career a little bit more.' ALSO READ: Richard Krajicek: 'Federer didn't want to face Nadal, but then...'