Gunter Bresnik: 'Thiem's schedule this month was crazy, it's my fault'

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Gunter Bresnik: 'Thiem's schedule this month was crazy, it's my fault'

Gunther Bresnik is the responsible of Dominic Thiem's 2016 schedule and 2017 too. The Austrian player played 118 matches last year, and this year until March he will play in total nine tournaments. This month he had a crazy schedule as he played in Sofia, Rotterdam, Rio de Janeiro and this week he will be in Acapulco, switching surfaces like nothing.

Interviewed by Globo Esporte,Bresnik admitted: 'The schedule was really ridiculous. It's my fault. Sometimes there are private reasons that make you take these decisions. For example, Paul McNamee is the Sofia tournament director, Krajicek in Rotterdam and he always played there.

He has some good memories of Rio last year and so he wanted to play. And Acapulco is the fourth event. It was a shit calendar.' It is true what Philipp Kohlshreiber said, that Thiem trained for 12 hours in a row in Tenerife? 'We started at 8:00 AM running, then he took a coffee and back to practice.

Then we had lunch and finished at 8:00 PM.' After a drop in the second part of the 2016 season, Bresnik believes that Thiem started well this season 'beating Zverev, Simon and other good players. You can see the result.

I can assure you that Dominic is a much better player this year than 2016.' Saying that Thiem will follow Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi or Gustavo Kuerten's footsteps is too much. But there is a thing that links the Austrian player to these three players mentioned: the physio and fitness Alex Stober, who has been working in the sport for more than 30 years.

It was in November 2015 when Stober joined Thiem, who would have broken into the top 10 in a short time. 'I and Gunter [Bresnik] wanted him but he was working with other players and wasn't available', Thiem told 'In November 2015 Alex said he was ready for the challenge.

It was one of my most important decision in career. I had already worked with some physios, but it wasn't so important for me. Since he is with me, I feel the difference. I do long treatments the whole night and the day after I feel well thanks to him.' Alex Stober's story is long.

Everything started in 1989 when he started to work for ATP. Then he worked with the Davis Cup Brazilean team and with players like Petra Kvitova, Tommy Haas or Angelique Kerber, who became World No. 1 a few months after hiring Stober.

'Everyone is different', Stober said about his several experiences. 'I worked with Sampras even if when I came, he had already won everything. I didn't add many things. He was complete, was already successful and had already won Grand Slam titles.

I worked with players coming from several countries and with a different personality. It's not easy to say who was the most interesting one.' Stober has much work to do with Thiem, who played 118 matches in 2016 and who this month has chosen a crazy schedule playing Sofia, Rotterdam, then on clay in Rio de Janeiro and then in Acapulco again on an hard-court.

'It's not up to me to decide his schedule', Stober clarified. 'I know where he will play and I have to work with him to prepare him to the difficult challenges. 2016 was fantastic for him. He is 23 and is much willing to work.

He feels well and is confident with his body. We worked step by step and felt better every week. He improved mentally and physically.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer's Australian Open autographed apparel on sale for CRAZY Price