David Goffin: 'The best win of my career. Against Nadal I need to play aggressive'

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David Goffin: 'The best win of my career. Against Nadal I need to play aggressive'

'The best win of my career'. That's how David Goffin described his three sets win over Novak Djokovic, beaten 6/2 2/6 7/5. 'The atmosphere on the court was really nice', the Belgian player added. 'It was really, really special match.

To come back from a break down in the third set, then to finish with a long game, some match points, it was, yeah, really excited at the end. It was tough to finish the match, but I'm really happy the way I finished it.

Yeah, it was a great match, great feeling, great atmosphere.' Goffin had won only one set against Djokovic in the five previous meetings. Which was the key today? 'Yeah, sometimes he's playing too good when I played him few times before.

It was always tough. He was always playing his best tennis. It was few times on hard court, his best surface. So it was tough. But this one, it was little bit different. You know, on clay maybe I have more time to stay with him during the rally.

That's why maybe I'm feeling more comfortable against him on clay courts. I always believed in myself during the match. At the end, yeah, I finished with a break. It was a great match. It doesn't matter how you played before against him.

You just have to do your best, give everything on the court. Maybe once, like today, it's going well.' Q. The third set was incredible. Did you surprise yourself?
DAVID GOFFIN: In the second set and the beginning of the third, he was moving me around.

He was able to open the court for himself. I was feeling I was not into it. He was more solid. I was running everywhere. I was not in the court any more. I knew I had to move forward. It was going to be colder. I really needed to hit hard so that the ball would move better.

I tried to dictate the points a bit more, because he was doing that until that moment. He had a point for 3-Love. I needed to change something in the beginning of the third set. This is what I did, and it paid off. Q. It's one of the greatest victories of your career.

Is it tough to digest this and be ready for tomorrow?
DAVID GOFFIN: I now have more experience than in the past. I am better able to manage these matches and these victories. I know there's a lot of emotion. You lose a lot of energy in a match like that one.

Now I feel good and I'm ready to keep going. I think if I play the way I have been, I have my chances and I can stay in the tournament. Whatever happens, I think it's going to be all right. I'm not saying I'm going to win tomorrow, but I'll be able to give it all. Q.

With your good results, playing so well, does it make you hungrier?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yes, it makes me hungrier and more confident. I feel I can do it. I can succeed. Is playing Nadal the ultimate challenge? 'It's the biggest test you can have on clay.

He likes to play here. He won nine times. He likes to play on clay anyway. It's going to be very complicated. He runs all over the place. On clay, he can be a real wall. But I do have my own weapons. I have a good cross-court backhand.

I can try to dictate the points, not let him play. I saw today that I could be even more aggressive than usual. I will need to repeat that if I want to win matches.' Djokovic complained about the light. Here is what Goffin thinks about it: 'There was one side with the sun being so low that was really difficult.

I think it was at 5-All in the third set where I had to serve with the sun. I thought if I'm able to hold my serve on this side, I will be able to make it. I was able to hold that difficult game. I was able to break him after that.

These moments were tough. I couldn't see the ball well. But I needed to hang in there. It was tough.'