Eugenie Bouchard: 'In the last couple of years I wasn't in the right place mentally'

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Eugenie Bouchard: 'In the last couple of years I wasn't in the right place mentally'

'Surprising'. That's how Eugenie Bouchard described her campaign in Madrid so far, where she beat Cornet but especially Sharapova and Kerber reaching her first quarter at Premier Mandatory Level.

'My first-round win gave me confidence', the Canadian explained in press conference. 'Feeling a bit better in practice coming into this week gave me confidence coming in. It is a bit surprising.

I'm happy that I've been able to do it in successive matches because it's one thing doing it for one match, but obviously to win a tournament, you need to do it for quite a few matches in a row. I think I'm extra proud of that.

It definitely is a little bit surprising. I'll take it, but not get too happy either, just keep working.' Obviously the big question that has surrounded things, commentators were talking about it, with the level that she has been able to show the last two matches, where has this Genie Bouchard been over the course of the last few months, years? 'I think there are lots of factors.

First of all, you know, not being able to play amazing tennis week in, week out, that's a given. Everyone has ups and downs. I obviously had more downs than I wanted to. I think mentally not being in the right place, allowing outside voices kind of in, allowing the pressure to get to me.

Quite a few things here and there that just affected me at different times over the past couple years. So it's been a long, hard road for sure. Like I said, this is three matches. I want to do 50 more this year. It's a long road ahead of me, as well.' Does 2014 seem like ages ago or is it not that far? 'It feels far in the past.

It's a number I want to not think about ever because, you know, we're three years later and I'm still getting asked about it. I understand why, but I don't even want to be that player. I want to be better than that player.

I want to stop thinking about those results and the past. I'm really, like, I don't think about 2014 ever.' ALSO READ: WTA MADRID - Kerber retires and Bouchard reaches quarters! Mladenovic beats Dodin .