Kristina Mladenovic: 'Caroline Garcia was disrespectful towards me'

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Kristina Mladenovic: 'Caroline Garcia was disrespectful towards me'

Kristina Mladenovic and Caroline Garcia didn't end up their doubles partnership in a good way. In a recent interview to Tennis Life website, the recent Madrid finalist criticized the partner she won Roland Garros last year.

The way Garcia announced Mladenovic her decision is what made Kiki angry the most. 'That she wanted to stop, I can understand. But she had a very disrespectful attitude and only had the courage to tell me by text. In fact, we’ve always contrasted and we would tell each other so, even when we won together.

I’m very independent; she is completely controlled by her father. I speak five languages. I finished high school; she stopped her studies', said Mladenovic. There were also many criticism around Garcia about her decision not to play Fed Cup this year.

Mladenovic doesn't think that was a smart move by her towards the federation: 'Yes, it upset me. But I think we’ve talked about it enough. Caroline was helped by the Federation as much as I was – maybe more, because she hasn’t produced the results I have.

That represents hundreds of thousands of Euros, wild cards into the Grand Slam … The other federations don’t offer that, even to their champions! From a very young age, the Spanish, the Romanians, the Czechs, the Russians pay their own way at academies to train.

We have the good fortune to have a rich federation, because it has a Grand Slam.' ALSO READ: Simona Halep: 'After Miami Cahill stopped working with me, but now I thank him'