Alexander Zverev: 'It was one of the best matches I ever played'

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Alexander Zverev: 'It was one of the best matches I ever played'

Alexander Zverev spoke to the press after his win in Rome against Novak Djokovic. Here is what the German player said: 'I'm very happy the way I played. Very happy with my performance all week, actually. And especially today, I think today was one of the best matches I ever played maybe.

I knew I had to be aggressive from the first point on and to the last. It was very important for me to be able to stay this aggressive and don't let him take over the game.' 'It's nice to know that I can compete and play and win the biggest tournaments on tour against the biggest players on tour', he added.

'It's obviously nice to see, as you guys said before, the youngest player before to win a Masters Series was Cilic last year. Now I am the youngest player currently. So it's nice to, I think for the tour, as well, to have a few younger guys, few younger girls, as well, to be able to play at the top of that level.

As I said many times, unfortunately for tennis and unfortunately for the spectators, the top four cannot play forever. So it's good that younger players are starting to get through.' There was a nice moment between you two at the net at the end of the match.

Can you elaborate maybe on the relationship you have with him and what that means to beat him on such a big court? 'He knows me since I'm four years old, so my brother and him are the same age. They have been playing juniors together before.

I always practiced with him. He always took me for warmups when I was still a junior and stuff like this on big tournaments and Grand Slams. So our relationship is very, very good. You know, he obviously wished me all the best.

The guy that he is, he's one of the best guys on tour. Wished me all the best for the future and for Paris, as well. I wished him also all the best of luck for Paris.' About his chances in Paris Zverev said: 'Before this week, I would have given me also close to zero chances of winning here.

So as I showed this week, I can play and beat the best players at the biggest tournaments. Hopefully I can continue my form like I did here into Paris, and we'll see what it holds for me there. The favorite is still definitely Rafael Nadal.

Strong favorite. And the other, the rest, is going to be quite open. I think Novak is playing quite great again. Dominic has been showing he's been playing very, very well. I just won here. So I've got to put me on that list even though, you know, I don't want to sound like I want to say that I'm the favorite myself or something like this.

But those kind of guys who have been playing the best over the last few weeks are definitely the favorites.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic gets nervous: 'This fucking shitty court!' (VIDEO INSIDE)