Rod Laver: 'Federer or Nadal? No one can be the greatest player ever'

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Rod Laver: 'Federer or Nadal? No one can be the greatest player ever'

Rod Laver has been the special guest at the SuperTennis TV Channel last week at the Foro Italico. The former Australian player, who completed Calendar Grand Slam twice in his career in 60s, often said he would not beat today's players if he had to face them.

How much is true this sentence? A lot, according to Laver, who explained: 'I should learn to play with current rackets, understand what I would be able to do. Today to be good players you have to start since you are a kid, understand how to play drop shot, use top spin.

It's easier today to play tennis.'

Asked if he would win more games against Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, Laver replied: 'Maybe none. They play differently. On clay no one will be stronger than Nadal. Roger can do everything, he knows how to play on hard, grass and nowadays you are good if you can play on all surfaces.

Who is the grratest player of all time? I think no one. When you look at these players, you can put them in only an Era, you can be World No. 1 in your own era.'

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