Angelique Kerber: 'When you lose, it's tough to enjoy the game'

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Angelique Kerber: 'When you lose, it's tough to enjoy the game'

Angelique Kerber lost in the first round at Roland Garros for the second year in a row. This time the Russian Ekaterina Makarova defeated her and she did it in only an hour and 23 minutes, prevailing 6-2 6-2. In press conference the World No.

1 said: 'She played a good match. It was a tough first round.I had a few chance in the first set and also in the second set, and I didn't make it. I think that was the key for the match. I mean, I believed in the second set, as well, that I can turn around the match and I was still believing until the last point.' At the start of the tournament Kerber had said she had to try to fall in love with clay, but she didn't.

'On clay I'm really not feeling so good, especially on my movement, because, I don't know, I cannot slide so good. I don't know. Normally I can move very well, but on clay it's always a little bit different and difficult for me.

So I think this is the most, yeah, thing that it's a little bit different than to the other surface. I'm disappointed that the clay court season was not so good. At the end maybe it's good that it's over for me.

But, yeah, I don't know. I think I will go back home. I will do maybe few days' rest or few more days. I don't know (smiling). I really don't know what I will do now, but for sure I will think about what is the best preparation for grass now.' She is a World No.

1 and so despite she wasn't the main favourite to win the title, 'the pressure is always there', the German player admitted. 'This year, I mean, the expectations are much bigger, especially in the big tournaments and the Grand Slams.

And the expectations are also from me really big, of course, because I know what I can do, what I did last year.But right now I think that I have to find to myself again and just trying to forgot the clay court season as soon as possible and then reset and starting from the grass courts again.' Has it been difficult to enjoy yourself for some time in tennis? Is that something that needs to change for you to play your best? ''If you are losing it's always tough to enjoying the game.

I know in the last years I had always up-and-downs and right now I'm in actually the down feeling. I'm still enjoying to playing tennis. Of course, this is what I am loving and I will try to finding the solution to coming back maybe stronger.Yeah, and trying to learning from this moment.

I mean, you can always learn if you are not playing good or if it's a tough situation also for the future, and this is what I will try to do it. I mean, of course, it's also a little bit painful the way now. But, yeah, now I cannot changing anymore and trying to looking forward.' ALSO READ: ROLAND GARROS - Kerber upset by Makarova! Kvitova wins