Alexander Zverev: 'I PLAYED ABSOLUTELY SH**!'

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Alexander Zverev: 'I PLAYED ABSOLUTELY SH**!'

Alexander Zverev already lost at first round level at the Roland Garros to Fernando Verdasco. The match was suspended yesterday at 8:30 PM due to darkness, but the German player wasn't happy. 'I think we should have stopped earlier than we actually did because they kept telling us that we can play until 9:30, and we can play until 9:30 when it was a sunny day and yesterday was raining and cloudy and it was very, very dark', Zverev said.

'It was unfortunate that the matches before took so long and that we couldn't finish yesterday, but it was the right decision to stop.' He admitted that played very bad and gave credit to his opponent for his performance: 'I played absolute shit made the difference.

It's quite simple.He played very well. He played very smart as well. Tried to push me back a lot, which he did. And I didn't feel the ball on my racquet very well, so I played very short and very defensive all the time, which with my game and with my body, it's not easy to do.' He accepts this loss: 'You sometimes play bad.

It's just this is our sport. There is no regrets. What can you do? In Rome I played fantastic, I won the tournament. Here I played bad, I lost first round. That's the way it goes.I'll prepare the best I can for grass.

We'll see what tournaments I play there. I'm playing Halle for sure. We'll see if I play something else maybe.But the world doesn't stop now. I mean, I'm still No. 4 in the race to London and I'm still doing okay this year.

I won three tournaments so far. It's not the end of the world, okay? I lost a match, but, I mean, pretty much everybody loses a match every single week they play. So it's nothing, nothing that I should be -- of course I should be concerned the way I played and the way I performed, but it's nothing to be tragic about.' Fernando Verdasco is obviously satisfied: 'I just tried to prepare this tournament as best as possible, and there are many good players out there that they can beat you.

So at the end it's a long battle every match, five sets here on clay, you have to be physically very prepared and mentally too, to fight for a long match every day.And is what I tried yesterday and what I tried today, and I'm very happy of the way that I played and being able to beat a player like Alexander that is one of the players with, you know, in such a great form, not because only winning Rome, also the weeks before and almost the last year already.

So it was a great victory for me, but, you know, this has to be not only like a point just to stay and to enjoy, of course, I have to enjoy, but not just to enjoy, also to keep going, no? To believe in myself and keep fighting and keep playing the same way that I did against him the next match.

And try to make a good tournament here.' ALSO READ: Wilander: 'Ridiculous that Zverev-Verdasco match was stopped at that time'