Mats Wilander 'Novak Djokovic Seems to Be Missing Something'

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Mats Wilander 'Novak Djokovic Seems to Be Missing Something'

Tennis - Former World No. 1 Mats Wilander has said that Novak Djokovic is missing the hunger after winning too much in his career already, going through a phase similar to what the Swede did in the 1980s during his playing days.

In an interview to Reuters, the seven-time Grand Slam champion says, "It is hard when you have won so much so young, or so unexpectedly. Hard to keep the appetite. With Novak, there seems to be something missing. I think I can see it...

I know it happened to me. You lose your hunger. It first happened to me after winning the Australian Open in 1983. It happened after I won the 1985 French Open - well, because I met a woman - who I am now married to - so some things are more important.

I think he has no problem winning... when he is winning, it is black and white... he knows how to win - he's better than you. And when he is losing, that's what seems to spark him. But when it is zero-zero, he seems he finds it hard to have the appetite.

I understand that, I recognise it." Wilander said that the Serb bringing Andre Agassi in to help him is good news as the American has gone through a similar phase and can help Djokovic come out of the same. "That is the best thing about Novak having Andre Agassi with him.

This struggle for appetite, it happened to Bjorn Borg, it happened to Boris Becker, it happened to me, it happened to Andre. And Andre came back and played like a crazy person. He knows how to deal with this. He knows how to fix it." Also Read - Wilander Says Nadal is the Big Favourite at Roland Garros